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In our first year together you brought love, beauty, and positivity into my life. You make my world feel like the perfect place to be.

We Both Felt an Undeniable Spark

You became my best friend, and my favorite person in the world before we had even met each other in person. I felt like you knew me in a deeper way than anyone else. You understood me, you respected me, and we connected in a way that I had never experienced. I was completely infatuated with you.

We taught each other about our interests, and we never ran out of things to talk about. Talking to you was  the highlight of every single day.

After a year with you in my life, none of that has changed. You never stop making me fall for you, and I wouldn't give that up for anything.

The Wedding

You fill my life with fun and adventure, every chance you get


You never turn down an opportunity to explore

You bring unimaginable beauty into my world, and completely melt me every day

From the day that we met, I knew that you would change everything for me. You light up my life with your beauty and intelligence, and you make me fall for you harder every day. This year has been amazing. You've given me love and intensity in ways I didn't know existed, and I can't imagine spending this time in any other way.

Thank you for being the definition of perfection to me; thank you for being the best friend I could ever imagine; and thank you for being the love of my life.

You mean more to me than Saturn means to Mercury's wonky orbit. I can't imagine my life without you by my side, and I'll always do anything to give you as much joy as I possibly can. You deserve absolutely everything that makes you smile.

Always yours,


June 8, 2020


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